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SINCE 1983

Leisure Industry leasing solutions since 1983

Fitraco NV is a leasing company specialised in leasing equipment to the leisure industry. Founded in 1983 is has been the industry expert ever since. Our primary focus is on amusement parks in Europe and the U.S.A

Why Fitraco

  • Exclusive leisure industry focus

    Fitraco’s niche-market specialization has developed a first-hand understanding of the markets, needs, challenges and opportunities of the leisure industry. Clients benefit from the depth of expertise and the dedication.
    Fitraco’s market experience removes the uncertainties that industry outsiders would consider to be risks. Fitraco’s exclusive commitment to the leisure industry drives its long-term practices, building client relationships for decades to come. Beyond providing financing solutions, Fitraco is an expert client ally and counselor with global industry connections.

  • Geographic focus

    Fitraco’s primary focus is amusement parks in Europe and North-America.

  • Flexibility to meet client needs

    Each individual lease is custom-made to suit the client’s requirements based on the equipment that they have selected. A new lease review begins with the receipt of the client’s current business plan, specifications and costs for the new equipment and an inventory of the existing equipment. This is followed by a site visit. Lease payments are scheduled over 3to7 years with a purchase option at the end of the lease. Fitraco arranges the purchase of the equipment in the manufacturer’s local currency and the client’s payments in their local currency. All contracts are managed so that the client is not at risk from currency fluctuations or changing interest rates. The entire approval process is driven by a ‘let’s make this work’ attitude with an open mind to developing solutions that will achieve a practical, affordable contract for the client.

  • Manufacturer support services

    The first client contact with Fitraco is often arranged via the leisure equipment manufacturers. Having worked closely with the world’s leading manufacturers for years, Fitraco knows them, their products, and the experiences that Fitraco’s clients have had with their products. This translates into an immediate understanding of client applications and operational and logistical needs.

  • Solutions-driven customer support team

    Fitraco’s field and office support teams know their clients. They are easily contacted, quick to respond, and provide ongoing support, based on the client’s needs. Working as a team, they find ways to make each contract work … and continue to work. If exceptional operating or market circumstances create temporary challenges during the lease period, solutions are swiftly arranged.


  • Fitraco: Fitraco koopt gesloten pretpark in Verenigde Staten


    (tijd) - Het Antwerpse leasebedrijf van pretparkartikelen Fitraco heeft het Magic Springs Family Theme Park in het Amerikaanse Hot Springs voor 1 miljoen dollar gekocht.

  • Fitraco: High court allows Fitraco NV to remove ‘Eye On Malaysia


    KUALA LUMPUR, Feb 8 (Bernama) -- The High Court here today allowed a Belgian company, Fitraco NV, to enter the site of the 'Eye On Malaysia', a major tourist attraction in Melaka, and relocate the ferris wheel.

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